So you are coming to Jefferson Hills

Coming to a new placement can be difficult and you may have lots of questions about what it will be like.  Here are some frequently asked questions as you plan to come to Jefferson Hills.

What do I do during the day?

The day is packed with school, activities, mealtime, and treatment time.  Wake up is about 6:00 am and bedtimes start at 8:30 p.m.

What will the other kids be like?

We have kids from all over the state at Jefferson Hills.  We have 1 girls unit and 2 boys units.  Everyone here is working on the issues that brought them here, just like yourself.

Can I bring my own things?

In general, you can bring many of your own things.  Keep in mind that there is not storage and unlimited bedroom space.  We want everyone to be safe, so there are restrictions on some items.  You will be given a list of things you can bring.  Pictures for the walls may be brought in with approval.

How long do I have to be there?

That depends on a variety of things, but mainly on how you are working on the things that brought you here.  We have regular treatment reviews, in which you are involved.  When you will be leaving and where you will be going are discussed in those meetings.

Can I still earn credits toward graduation or work on my GED?

Absolutely!  Jefferson Hills has a great education program, in which you can earn credits or work on the segments of the GED.

What’s the building like?

Both our Lakewood and Aurora sites have large bedroom areas with day rooms, classrooms, a large gym, outdoor space for activities, and a large cafeteria.

Who will be working with me?

You will be assigned a treatment team of a number of people to help and support you while you are at Jefferson Hills.  A therapist, teacher, counselors, teacher’s aides are staff you will see regularly.  We also have a psychiatrist, psychologist, physician, and nurses available.

What happens if I get sick?

We have full-time nurses in the building and on-call that can take care of an immediate medical need.  If you have an ongoing medical condition, the nurses will make sure that medical care is continued as needed.  Our medical staff is highly trained in taking care of kids with either routine medical issues or an emergency.

We look forward to working with you.  We want this to be a positive, safe, experience for you so that you leave with stronger plans for success back in your community.