Jefferson Hills has been a leader in providing secure residential treatment for Colorado’s emotionally and behaviorally challenged youth since 1993.  Known for innovation, collaboration, and meeting community needs, Jefferson Hills has continually been on the cutting edge of providing services to Colorado’s at risk children and youth.  Below is a timeline of events as our history has unfolded over the past 20 years.

August, 1993: Incorporation of Jefferson Hills as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jefferson Center for Mental Health; purchase of the Lakewood site;  Division of Youth Corrections awards Jefferson Hills the contract for mental health services for committed youth

August, 1994: Added female unit

1995: Increased to 50 youth

January, 1997: Leased 40 beds at Aurora Behavioral Health Hospital, one male and one female unit

March, 1999: Purchased Aurora Behavioral Health Hospital, 90 residential beds plus social detox unit leased to Arapahoe House

2003 Capacity: Lakewood – 70, Aurora – 84, serving DYC and county child welfare youth, males and females

2006: Became accredited through Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services, began electronic medical record development

August, 2006: Developed Quality Education Services (QES) to provide increased education oversight to small education programs and spread education administrative expenses

March, 2010: Consolidated the Lakewood and Aurora sites, having 75 youth at the Aurora site

January, 2011: Opened New Vistas at Jefferson Hills at the Lakewood site, an intensive crisis stabilization program

August, 2011: Opened Day Treatment at our Lakewood site

October, 2012: Jefferson Hills launches a major Trauma Informed Care Initiative throughout the organization

September, 2014: Colorado Community Connection (CCC) awarded the metro area’s services under the Governor’s Colorado Crisis Services continuum

December 1, 2014: Jefferson Hills opens a Child/Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit at each of its Lakewood and Aurora sites under CCC

March, 2015: New Vistas provides services to its 4,000th child

April, 2015: With the expansion of services at the Lakewood site, our Administrative and Business Offices lease space in one of the JCMH newly acquired buildings, adding more HR space and a larger conference room for training

June, 2015: The Child/Youth CSUs have served 575 children/youth in its first 7 months of operation

August, 2015: Jefferson Hills was awarded an EARSS (Expelled and At Risk Student Services) grant for SSR youth

December 2015-February, 2016: Jefferson Hills completes a major initiative to train all staff in the evidenced based practice of Motivational Interviewing