Referral Sources

For admissions to our Aurora Staff Secure Residential Program, please call 303-597-2223 during business hours.

For admissions to New Vistas, our Crisis Stabilization program in Lakewood, please call our direct admission line: 303-996-3859

Thank you for either referring a child/youth to Jefferson Hills or considering a referral.  We are passionate about safe, quality treatment services for our children, youth, and their families.  We are also eager to work with you to meet your needs and outcomes regarding quality services, cost effective treatment, communication, documentation, and billing.

Key components of our program include:

  • Full involvement of parents and child/youth in treatment planning, education, therapy
  • Focus on disposition planning upon admission
  • Multi-disciplinary team to include all stakeholders
  • Strength based treatment approaches
  • Highly trained staff in all departments
  • Excellent education program geared to completion of a diploma or GED
  • Timely and effective customer service